Journey From Ego, The Path To Healing

Taken from the judge’s commentary, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:

“The author’s writing voice is so pleasant and comfortable. We get the sense of sitting down with an inspired friend whose presence uplifts us. We get much reassurance that it’s okay to be a beginner in understanding the art of the angels’ gifts, and where the reader has questions about how to talk to angels, the author’s chosen quote of “Often” provides us with a delightfully simple and easy-to-grasp answer, We know right from the start that we are in good hands with this author when it comes to understanding the richness that we could have in our lives if we commune with our angels and welcome them to guide us. Very well done. As the book progresses, we are treated to revelation after revelation, each more comforting and reassuring than the last. True inspiration.”


From the cover:

“The angels’ greatest wish is to assist us in completing the tasks we set for ourselves when we wrote the contracts that guide our lives. Archangel Jophiel tells us that ego-identification is sidetracking us from our life purpose and destroying our planet. Here, in a message of great hope, she reminds us that our only purpose on earth is to love and care for each other, and provides a prescription for healing our lives and our planet through the act of unconditional love.”

In Journey From Ego you will learn:

  • How the trance of living under the influence of the ego results in fear and anxiety, separatism, war and the destruction of our planet.
  • How the ego-voice manipulates us into believing its voice is that of our own mind.
  • How living outside of the influence of the ego-mind allows us to remember our life purpose and the reason for our incarnation into this earth-bound live.
  • To recognize the voice of the ego and to request the assistance of the angels in keeping it at bay.
  • How quieting the voice of the ego allows us to clearly hear the voice of God and Her angels.
  • How remembering our essence and our holiness will heal our lives and affect the evolution of our earth.

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