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Greetings all,

I know these pages are normally written in third person, but it seems a little silly to me, since I’m writing about myself.

I have recently published my first title, Journey From Ego, The Path To Healing (Balboa Press,) which prompted this website. I’m an ordinary person, live in a modest home in the Pacific Northwest, am a mother of two grown daughters, both of whom live out of state, am married and live with two standard poodles and a yorkie. I enjoy a sip of whiskey now and then.

I work as a pediatric occupational therapist at my clinic in Vancouver Washington with children who experience sensory processing difficulties, many of whom are on the Autism Spectrum, and others who are clearly not. My mission in my clinical work is to promote the development of each child’s greatest potential and to educate and support the children’s care-givers on their unexpected and uncharted journey.

Archangel Jophiel presented me with the information contained in Journey From Ego in 2005 and tasked me with sharing it with the world and at long last it is currently available through Amazon and Balboa Press. Archangel Jophiel continues to provide to me, through a process of inner dictation, information which will change lives and change the evolution of the earth. I urge you to read Journey From Ego and then join me here. Or just join me here. Either way.

The journey away from ego-identification requires practice. I am a practitioner. I get stuck, I request the assistance of my angels and get unstuck – for awhile, or with this issue, or that issue – and then I get sucked in again by the tenacious voice of the ego. I am, as are all of you, on a journey. A journey of self-compassion, a journey of non-judgment, a journey of remembrance of my true self.  I welcome your comments and questions.

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  1. Please please answer just this one question.
    Does/can Ego enter our dream state and try to influence us in any way shape or form???

    Your book Journey from ego has changed my life.

    1. Greetings Lezia,

      Thank you for your kind words. You made my day! I’m happy to answer your question. In fact I LOVE answering questions. The answer comes in two parts, first from me, my take on it, and then I asked Jophiel for her thoughts.

      I personally would answer that as we dream our subconscious is processing the dilemmas we face in our daily lives; our conflicts, fears, concerns and worries, as well as the joys we experience. As our ego influences us through our subconscious, is privy to all that is there, then I would say, yes – ego can influence us via our dream state. In my experience fears are often greater in the dark, in dreamland, more frightening than in the light of day. Joy is often heightened there also, with a lightness of being I can’t often recreate in my daily life. But I also believe that dreams are most often and for most people symbolic in nature. (That said, I also believe that some people experience precognitive dreams, but I think this is rather rare and that those who do have a “knowing” about it.) Dream journaling can be very helpful with sorting out the symbols that come to us in dreams. Those dream experiences that leave our heart pounding and reaching for the light switch, or that bring tears, or that we wake from with a smile on our mouth are meaningful in an indirect sort of way.

      And now I start to digress, to go into a creative writing mode. So I ask your input. Please guide me in answering this question.

      I am Jophiel and I will answer your question now.
      Yes, as you have stated it is entirely possible to be influenced by ego via your dream states, because as you indicated the ego is privy to your subconscious mind, as well as your waking mind. Therefore, as ego is well aware of your concerns, and because it does not sleep any more than does your subconscious, it is always at work. This issue could become problematic if people were to become too concerned about it. That is, if people became fearful of sleeping due to the possibility to being influenced by ego while asleep. I would have to say it doesn’t go quite that way. Ego doesn’t cause you to actually do things while asleep. But it does have the opportunity to play on those fears of yours in a different manner than while you are awake.

      As an example: Let’s say a woman is unhappy in her marriage and is considering leaving her husband for whatever reasons, and let’s say that she is a confident, kind, and thoughtful person. This is a life-changing event that will affect many people and she is not choosing it without careful consideration. She begins to have a series of dreams. In one dream she is being chased by something huge and dangerous; something she can’t see, but knows it’s there and she wakes terrified. In another she’s falling through space. In yet another she’s flying and is not surprised at this skill, but is joyous and at the same time careful to not allow anyone to observe her flying skills. She dreams of being involved in a creative process, but can’t remember what she was trying to accomplish when she wakes. In this dream that she will later say just seemed to go on and on, she was thwarted at every turn, that nobody would listen to her; she seemed to be invisible to others. In another dream she was the hero of the day. These dreams could of course be interpreted in many ways, but only she is able to make sense of them by considering what is motivating her and what frightens her about her choices. Is she being chased by guilt, or by duty to herself and her children? Is she falling (no end in sight,) in her current life, or leaping into the unknown? She knows that she can fly, but it’s a secret. Why does she want to hide that fact if it brings her such joy? Does she feel invisible in her marriage, or is she concerned about giving up the security of her marriage? What did she do to cause her to be the hero, and who says? Did she feel she was the hero or did someone else say she was?

      So you see, so many questions to be considered. Each person must come to their own conclusions regarding their dreams, as they relate only to that person’s inner dialogue. Remember, what is most important is what you feel in your heart. A simple example: You wish to visit a friend who lives out of state. When you begin researching flights you have an anxiety attack about flying, although you’ve never been afraid of flying in the past. You decide to wait and see how you feel the next day. That night you have a dream about being in a plane crash. This terrifying dream causes you to change your mind about going on your trip. But as the day goes on you realize that now you’re feeling disappointed. You keep imagining seeing your friends’ smiling face at the airport, which lifts you up. You decide that you don’t want to live with the disappointment and that the dream was not in fact a warning, but just fear taking hold of you in a vulnerable state.

      Please don’t let this be your only just one question! Ask away!
      And thanks again,

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